Best Windshield Wiper Blades For 2018

It can prove to be a serious safety hazard while driving if you are using low-quality or damaged windshield wiper blades. Drivers who have faced a dangerous road situation at the hands of worn-out wiper blades understand the importance of having the wiper blades in perfect shape at all times.

The high-quality windshield wiper blades depreciate slowly and help in providing a clear view of the road while driving. The wiper blades remove the dirt and debris to keep the windshield clean even when driving in bad weather conditions.

While you need your windshield wipers to work efficiently all-year-round, the quest for best wiper blades can become challenging if you are looking to replace your wiper blades with the new ones.

The vast variety of options available in the market can make it extremely difficult to choose the right tool for the job, especially if it is your first purchase. However, you don’t need to worry as we have compiled a list of 10 most durable windshield wiper blades that can keep your car’s windshield clear from dirt and debris at all times.

Guide To Replacing Windshield Wiper On your car

Here are the 10 most efficient windshield wipers available in the market that you can purchase right now.


BOSCH 26A ICON is the perfect match if you are looking for a wiper blade that delivers apt efficiency under all weather conditions. Whether you drive frequently in areas with a higher probability of rain in summer season or if you are up against dense fog in extremely cold weather conditions, BOSCH 26A ICON is wiper blade of choice, thanks to its robust build-quality and smooth functioning.

BOSCH 26A ICON is also a bit inexpensive as compared to some other options available in the market, yet it provides amazing quality and is worth-spending every cent. It comes with a distinctive bracketless design, which makes it completely different and more versatile from other wiper blades. The bracketless design adds to the abilities of the BOSCH 26A ICON to deliver consistent wiping performance, regardless of the climate conditions.



  • It comes with an exclusive FX dual rubber that helps in resisting extra heat and ozone deterioration.
  • It lasts up to 40% longer as compared to other premium wiper blades, thanks to its robust design and smooth working.
  • BOSCH 26A ICON boasts a patented design that features a shield connector for optimum visibility under any conditions.
  • It has a weather-shield double locking connector that makes the installation of this top-grade wiper blade completely stress-free.
  • With a flexible asymmetric spoiler design, it distributes uniform downward force to the blade for superior functioning at higher speeds.


  • It can occasionally leave streaks in winter.
  • Some users have complained that it is less effective in winter as compared to other seasons.


RAIN-X LATITUDE should be the wiper blade of choice if you are looking to purchase the one that performs flawlessly under any climate conditions. As the name suggests, it becomes an even more efficient wiper blade when driving in heavy rain.

It also helps resist snow build-up in extremely cold weather conditions. With its amazing ability to contour according to the curvature of your car’s windshield, it optimizes the wiping pressure along the entire blade to get rid of smudges and streaks during wiping action.

RAIN-X LATITUDE is an efficient wiper blade that maintains it exceptional consistency under any conditions. The manufacturer has achieved this superior consistency by removing some major glitches from the design of RAIN-X LATITUDE. To top it off, the RAIN-X LATITUDE also features the amazingly blended graphite coated rubber blade, which helps it maintain quietness even at higher speeds.


  • It helps avoid snow build-up, thanks to the elimination of exposed metal elements.
  • It features a pre-installed tiny j-hook adapter, bayonet, large j-hook, multi-adapter for side pin, I&L and PTB wiper blade arms, all of which make it is an easy-to-install wiper blade.
  • It offers enhanced grip and flexibility with its rubber-encased substructure.
  • It has a synthetic rubber squeegee that helps in maintaining superior consistency even in the most challenging driving conditions.