Best Tire Shine For Your Car &  Truck

Ever wanted to get a premium tire shine for your car? Here are some of the best tire shine, try on your car, jeep, motorcycle and truck.

Keeping your tires clean and shiny is one of the most important and easiest ways to make your car look beautiful and clean. Gleaming tires go hand in hand with sparkling wheels for a look that will make people turn their heads. Wet tire shine gives your tire long lasting shine in just a few minutes with a little mess.

Some of the best  Tire Shine products are:

Trinova Tire Shine

The Trinova Tire Shine, is great product which is chemically engineered to basically restore and protect the lost shine and glitteriness of their original cars.

So, to meet the requirements of the car users who are very conscious about the looks of their cars both internal and external quality demanded a one stop solution for cars through which they can restore the internal shine of the dashboard of the car and not only this, it als required to keep the bumper of the car scratchless and glittery.

Therefore, the Trinova Tire Shine stepped up its research and development sector and brought up a unique solution for Tire shine which not only protected the looks of the car but also provided resistance against the UV lights which initially were solely responsible for losing color and fadedness of cars shine.

Along with this, the chemical solution of Trinova Tire Shine is a compact quick dry solution therefore its save you all the time to wait for the spray to dry and build up a shiny look. Now you can enjoy the shine of a new branded car unlike before in the same old car of yours.

  • Protects from UV.
  • Quick Adhesive Solution
  • Keeps Bugs and other insects away.
  • Long term durable shiny surface of the car 

  • Can be used both inside and outside the car
  • Long lasting glittery look
  • Can be used for both dashboards and bumpers. 

  • Reacts with Leather or vinyl sheets in car 

Chemical Guys TVD 107

One of he most reliable brands in the market when it comes to the spray and car wash material is the Chemical Guys TVD. As their name goes, they have technically devoted their company towards a continuous strive to gain the A plus rating in the market when it comes to the car washing materials.

They intend to gain a positive say in the users domain by providing technically up to date products which meets customer demands in the perfects sense. In order to do so, the Chemical Guys TVD have launched a completely black oriented car wash and spray system which is totally dedicated to protect the shine of black colour.

Not only this, since black colour is more extensively exposed to the scratches and bad UV sunlight direct from the sun therefore it has greater chances to lose their glittery shine and look like old wear out cars. Hence, to satisfy their need the Chemical Guys TVD ensures long term sustainable resistance and glitter shine of your black colour cars in the long run.   

  • Long-lasting waterproof formula.
  • Best product line to be used for black painted surface
  • Best acts when used indoor
  • Spray ‘Ever Wet’ uniformly and restore tires to their original look. 

  • Gives Wet inner look to the car
  • doesn’t react with inner leather or vinyl products
  • Long lasting inner shine  

  • Only for interior based usage.

Car guys Plastic and Trim Restorer

Another potential brand of products that have satisfied customer needs and has fulfilled their hopes is Car guys Plastic & Trim Restorer. The founding brand has dedicated a range of its products towards the restoration and upholding the look of plastic and Vinyl made leather products within a car.

Car guys Plastic & Trim Restorer totally focuses on the internal care of the car features which mainly includes the cleanliness and shiny outer structure of the car’s dashboard. Along the lines of that, the Car guys Plastic & Trim Restorer products have the capability of drying instantly and in addition to it they don’t have bad odour.

Therefore, the product range of Car guys Plastic & Trim Restorer is significantly top of the chart for its lower usage volume and higher results which makes it sustainable in the long term.

In addition to it, most of the chemical products, car washes and sprays often react with the interior of the cars which is often leather or vinyl which results into severe internal damage of the car. Hence, to safeguard your car from potential damages, Car guys Plastic & Trim Restorer is a one stop solution.

  • Long-lasting waterproof formula.
  • High-resistance to fading and cracking.
  • Suitable for all colour of cars. 

  • Gives Wet look to car
  • Long term glittery look 

  • Not eco friendly

Meguiar’s G18715 Hot Shine-Reflect Tire Shine

For a deep black wet shine that you’d love when light hits your tires, Meguiar’s G18715 Hot Shine is the solution. This product will give your tires a unique sparkling shine because of the proprietary technology by the company.

In addition, your tires will reflect light especially when driving at night. The spray is a combination of unmatched convenience and customer satisfaction.

This is possible through the premium quality cleaning from the product. It has exclusive formula levels for quick prevention of streaking. The solution binds on the tires for the everlasting shine.

Meguiar’s G18715 Hot Shine is made with water resistant polymers with enhanced resin technology and premium silicones. This is essential to keep the tires black and shiny longer. For a better shine, let the tires to dry for about 8 to 10 hours before driving off.

The spray lets out a glittery substance responsible for giving the tires a very strong shine lasting longer than regular tire spray. Your tires will end up with the best sparkle and a glitter that isn’t overbearing.

Why we love it:
  • Offers a unique look
  • Looks great even after a few days
  • Far classier look than regular products
  • Quicker shipping than expected
  • Smooth application and not messy
  • Product smells like candy
  • Aerosol spray for convenient use 
What we don’t like:
  • Runs out of aerosol too fast
  • Tires require cleaning before application
  • Goes empty after 4 uses 

Meguiar’s Hot Rims And Tire Cleaner

For a safe all-clear clean on coated wheels, Meguiar’s Hot Rims And Tire Cleaner is the perfect solution. It’ll wash away all grime with ease for sparkling wheels and clean tire sidewalls. The product uses unique Xtreme Cling formula for clinging to vertical surfaces.

Additionally, this special cling breaks down all stubborn reside from rubber and metal. With Meguiar’s Hot Rims And Tire Cleaner, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of watching the gel turn from white to brown as it grabs any buildup of dirt and grime.

This Meguiar’s Hot Rims And Tire Cleaner product is safe for use on factory coated wheels. There’s no need to worry about being picky on what product to use. Using this solution will give your tires a brilliant shine.

  • Safe for all wheels
  • Instant results
  • Easy to use
  • Effective and safe to use
  • Rinses easily
  • Pocket friendly 

  • Runs out quickly
  • A bit pricey 


This street legal product protects and gives a superior shine to tires and adds a final touch to them within a few minutes. It will make your car look attractive and will protect it under harsh conditions. Wet Tire Shine contains a unique formula based on the best silicones. It contains a fast-acting drying solution that will protect your car.

Not only this, it’s formula is also environment friendly which makes your decisions not only eco friendly but also a prospect of social activist through it. Its anti sling formula makes it easy to use for hands and car as well without causing any chemical reaction.

Along with this, the super shine and long lasting glittery effect over the car’s outer surface makes it one of my first choices for giving a classy shine to my car.   

  • Long lasting.
  • Superb shine.
  • No sling formula.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Excellent for tires, plastic and vinyl. 

  • Quick dry solution
  • Long Lasting Glittery look
  • Eco friendly
  • Natural Shine 

  • Continuous use might lead to dullness of car’s original paint 
  • This product will give a perfect shine and protect your car tires to a perfect finish in seconds without any mess of pumps. It keeps tires glossy even after many days. Harris Ever is a superb formulation for high performance and smooth functioning of car tires.

    Harris spray shine is a unique blend of sprays which is chemically put together to provide a one stop solution to the car shine users. It is perfectly blended to give a thorough protection to your car and its original paint against the UV lights that practically destroyed the original paint.

    In addition to it, the conventional spray paints lack the capability of providing solution against the UV light from the sun therefore it is a great solution to protect your car and have a shiny long lasting look even after couple of years.

    It is very easy to use, and you can apply it within seconds. It gives a long-lasting, wet-look finish to the tires. Ever  tire shine also prevents your car from drips, runoffs, and leaves an extreme shine on its tires.

    • Long-lasting waterproof formula.
    • High-resistance to fading and cracking.
    • Protects from UV.
    • Spray ‘Ever Wet’ uniformly and restore tires to their original look. 

    • Gives Wet look to car
    • Long term glittery look
    • Lack the capability of indoor usage 

    • Reacts with Leather or vinyl sheets in car 
  • It is a perfect wax that gives your car a perfectly sleek appearance. It provides mirror-like shine to your car. Special UV inhibitors help to protect against drying, cracking and fading effects from the sun.  The blend of exclusive silicon polymers locks in long-lasting shine and gives tires a wet, deep black look.

    The Turtle wax is specifically designed to counter the needs and looks of black surfaces. Conventionally upon excessive usage, the black bumpers and black surfaces of cars are rather more exposed to the scratches and dull paint outlook in comparison to other coloured cars.

    Therefore, to counter the needs of specially black cars, the Turtle Wax is one stop solution for all such cases. In addition to it, its ease of use makes it my first choice since it can be used both for indoor and outdoor exterior of the car body which might include leather sheet and dashboards along with exterior bumpers.

    • It works great on black bumpers, weather stripping and hard vinyl trim.
    • Easy to use. 
    • Long term shiny look.
    • Black colour of the car is remained well intact.
    • Best for indoor usage.

    • Might fade away in outdoor light.
    • Needs longer time to dry. 
  • This product has a very attractive packaging and is durable. You can spray onto a sponge and rub down on the tire, or spray directly on the tire. Its water resistant formula provides deep black shine and prevents from getting dusty.   

    Along with this, the Eagle One tire shine has one of the unique chemical combinations which helps it in drying relatively earlier than the conventional tire shine sprays. Its quick drying capability makes it highly desirable as it doesn’t require extra time to wait for all the spray to settle down nor does it spreads away in the air.

    In addition to it, the long lasting chemical formula of Eagle One tire spray provides a long term sustainable resistance against the UV lights from the sun which not only protects the glitteriness of the car but also saves the paint of the car from wearing off from excessive heat in summers.

    • Dries to a clear high gloss shine.
    • Easy to use.
    • Long lasting, sling-free shine.
    • Provides UV protection. 
    • Extra Protection against UV lights.
    • Quick Dry Adhesive Solution
    • Odourless solution 

    • Limited in quantity
    • Excessive usage might cause allergic reaction on body. 

    Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Paste Wax:

    Carnuba wax offers the highest level of shine and protection. It provides a clear coat and conventional finish. The enriched premium formula provides a durable, water-resistant finish which in turn helps to prevent pollutants from damaging the surface of the car.

    The Turtle Wax Cleaner Paste is purely designed for the internal usage of the cars. It has the capability of bringing back the exact internal shine of the car is if it is just brought back from the showroom. Without the greasy feel, the The Turtle Wax Cleaner Paste is most desirable for smart protection of the interior of car.

    It protects from harmful UV rays that can dull a car’s finish. However, there is one limitation that you cannot use it on vinyl, wood or flat paint.

    • Best external use product
    • Enriched latest formula for scratchless experience.
    • Maintains the Shine of the car 

    • Cannot be used for interior of the car
    • Reacts with vinyl or paint. 

    Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

    Comparable to other tire gel on the market, Meguiar’s G7516 is a long-lasting formula. It doesn’t wash off in the rain or when washing your car.

    Additionally, this product has a rich gel to keep your tire protected from runs, spotted driveways, and overspray. Your tires get a deep and high gloss finish.

    When you use Meguiar’s G7516, your tires are protected from browning and UV damage from heat intensity. The gel has advanced polymers to give your tires an extra high and long-lasting glossy protection. The tires retain their dark and rich glossy look that lasts for weeks.

    For its endurance that offers superior performance, Meguiar’s G7516 also has advanced polymer formula to protect the tires from environmental elements. This makes the tires to last longer.

    Application of the gel:
    • It’s very important to ensure that the tires are clean before applying this gel.
    • Apply a one pound coin size of gel on the tire
    • Use a dressing applicator pad to spread the gel evenly on the tire
    • Ensure to wipe off excess to prevent sling
    • Apply another coat after 10 minutes for a better shine
    • Leave about 30 minutes to dry before driving 

    Why we love it:
    • Longer protection
    • Endurance from washes and rain
    • Great look with superior performance
    • Tires never turn brown
    • Easy application
    • Tires look very shiny
    • Reasonable price
    • Comes with 3 years warranty 

    What we don’t like:
    • Could use better controls
    • Might become too thick to apply
    • Sticks dirt and attracts dust 

    Meguiar’s G15415 Endurance Tire Dressing

    This tire-dressing aerosol offers protection, shine, and durability to your tires without sling. Application of Meguiar’s G15415 Tire Dressing Aerosol is quick.

    Additionally, this gel bonds to tires in a blink to create a dark shiny finish. This long lasting tire dressing gel is improved to last weeks regardless of exposure to rain or regular washing. Your tires will keep having their deep black color and high gloss shine that stands out.

    This gel comes with the same grape scent as the original tire gel. Meguiar’s G15415 Tire Dressing Aerosol comes packaged in a trigger aerosol can for convenient application.

    The aerosol can sprays a thin and even coating in seconds. This is quick to give the tires a glossy appeal. Additionally, your whole vehicle will get a whole new look.

    Apply this tire dressing gel on clean and dry tires for a long lasting appeal. The best thing is that this gel can come with applicator pads to make your work easier.

    Why we love it:
    • Protection from UV damage
    • No tire browning
    • Comfortable grip sprayer
    • Resists rain and washing
    • Long lasting shine
    • Good product for effective detailing
    • High gloss shine
    • Easy to apply 

    What we don’t like:
    • Possibility of sling off
    • Gets used up quicker
    • A bit pricey 

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