Top 10 Best Frost Guards Of 2019

Isn’t it annoying when you wake up in the winter and the first thing you have to do is clean your car, because it is covered in snow. However, there is a solution to this agony, which is a frost guard.

What is a frost guard?

If you live in such an area where frost is very common during the winter season, your car need protection against it. However, no protection can drastically damage your internal and external parts of your car in the longer run. Although a normal car cover is used by money, it does not provide the same protection as a frost guard. Hence it is a necessity. Moreover, a frost guard protects your windshield and enables you to get a normal visibility. It is recommended if you park your car outside, especially when the frost flakes are falling.

What to look for in a frost guard?

The basic requirements for a frost guard are the

  1. Flexibility
  2. Design
  3. Ease of use
  4. Waterproofing ability

You need to ensure that the windshield provides enough visibility every time you are driving and does not freeze overnight when using a frost guard.

The next thing that needs to be kept in mind is the quality of the frost guard you are investing in. Surely, nobody wants a rip off that doesn’t even protect the windshield. To make things easier for you, we have listed the top ten frost guards for you. But before we get to that, here is what you need to be sure of windshields before buying them.

Types of Frost Guards

There are different kinds of frost guards available in the market.

Signature and Sport Frost Guard

A signature frost guard has panels that are wider compared to the pro type frost guard. Moreover, it has built in security panels, which will prevent your frost guard from theft, especially if you live in a shady neighborhood. Other than that, a sport frost guard has integrated mirrors as well.

Pro Type Frost Guard

Considering the pro type frost guard, the fastening system is very different unlike the signature frost guard. It is smaller in size, which makes it easier to store, especially during the summers when it is not required.

Advantages of a Frost Guard

  1. Provides your windshield with clear visibility every time you drive, preventing it from freezing overnight.
  2. Protects the outer side of your mirror from damages that are caused by snow and ice during the winters.
  3. They are easy to install and are made using top quality materials
  4. The design of frost guards is such that in comes in different sizes that can fit small cars, trucks and even SUVs.

Delk Frost Guard Winter Windshield Cover

Most people prefer investing in windshield covers that fit any car. Especially if you change your cars frequently. The delk frost guard is the best option because it has a fit fast technology, which can be stretched to fit most trucks, cars and SUVs.


Delk come under the category of the recommended and most popular frost guards, with a high quality. Moreover, it is available in different colors. The price range is also affordable.

Premium Design

Delk Frost is made up of premium materials. It is resistant to water, so you don’t have to worry about it soaking wet during the rainy seasons. Moreover, no permanent alterations and fixtures are required, because it can be secured inside the windshield.

SnowOFF Car Windshield Snow Cover

Looking for a product that is multipurpose? A windshield cover that protects your car from the snow during the cold seasons and sun during the summers when reversed? The snow off windshield snow cover is easily available in two sizes, enabling it to fit both big and small cars.

Being the perfect solution when it comes to the snow, rain and even touching your vehicle.

Robust and Durable

The most important concern for many when they buy something is to prevent it from getting stolen. Fortunately, the design of snow off is such that its straps fasten to the wheels. It has hood magnets and suction cups that can save your windshield cover from theft.

The long length helps in covering the wiper and sprayer. Moreover, the outer layer is water resistant. It is made using top quality materials, making the windshield robust, durable and multipurpose.

FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield Cover

This is the ideal windshield if you are the owner of an SUV, truck or family van. Frost Guard prevents the accumulation of snow on your windshield.

Easy to Install

The straps are adjustable, made using high quality elastic, enabling the covers to be safely fastened to both the side view mirrors. Moving to a new location? No worries, Frost Guard comes with a pouch that helps in transporting it.

Premium Windshield Snow Cover

Protect your vehicle from frost damage by using Premium windshield snow cover. It is formulated to fit most of the cars, including SUVs and trucks and is available in two sizes. Moreover, it features magnetic edges, keeping the cover intact and in place during the storms.

Easy Installation

It is made of high quality and durable materials. Moreover, it comes with a storage pouch with straps that can be handy during a move.

The door flap has a double stitch, which ensure a good fit. Worried about the technical part and how you will install it properly? No worries, they are easy to install because they do not come with complicated straps. Instead they feature weights, with flaps along the interior ties, enabling security as well.

Mini-Factory Car Windshield Snow Cover

Looking for a windshield cover that is small in size and serves its purpose? Mini Factory car windshield snow cover is what you might be in search of. Other than that, the benefit of this cover is that it works during the winters and summers. Protecting your vehicle from snow and heat both.

Say goodbye to scraping off the snow and frost from your windshield every morning with the Mini Factory car windshield snow cover. However, this isn’t just the only feasibility. It prevents the UV rays from absorbing into the car’s interior, making it usable during both the winters and summers.

Double Layered

Built in durable straps on the sides prevents the cover from slipping. Moreover, it is made with double layering. The design is such that it is easy to use, and the size is convenient for most cars, including trucks and SUVs.

OxGord Frost Guard Windshield Snow Cover

Searching for something unique? OxGord Frost guard is nothing like the regular plastic windshield covers. Coming under the category of average to good snow covers, the brand is trusted for its high-quality design and looks.

Thermal Shield Straps

The shield traps are thermally insulated, which prevent snow from accumulating on your vehicle, keeping it clean till the next morning.

Heavy Duty Design

It is formulated using heavy duty polyester. The design of that straps is durable and elastic. The panels on the sides is extra-long, which keeps the automobile protected, keeping the shield in place with magnets. Moreover, the suction cups also work pretty well in keeping the frost guard in place.

iceScreen Magnetic Windshield Frost & Snow Cover

The most important thing that comes to mind when purchasing a windshield cover is its ease of use. Ice screen is convenient and quick to install due to its durable magnets that help in attaching it to the vehicle with ease.

Safety Pockets

Forget worrying about preventing the windshield from getting stolen, the side pockets will do the job for you. They are fastened inside the vehicle to ensure its protection from the robbers. The straps are durable and go inside the doors keeping the car protected during the strong winds. The cover fits most cars. It is also water and scratch proof.


What is the purpose of a frost guard?

The first and foremost priority of a frost guard is to prevent you from scraping the snow off of your windshield after every storm and snowfall during the winters. Because to be honest, nobody likes going through the hassle of cleaning their cars every morning before going to work. It is just added extra work which needs to be compensated during your free time before leaving for work, which means cutting down your sleep, exercise, and breakfast hours during the winters, so you can clean your car.

Moreover, the cold weather and low temperatures can be damaging to the wipers, weakening them over time due to the moisture accumulation which leads to expansion. Eventually breaking or cracking it.

What are the basic needs and requirements of a Frost Bar?

Although it is not very difficult to understand the basic needs of a frost guard, there are some basic requirements that should not be overlooked. Some of such requirements are the flexibility, design, ease, stretchiness and waterproofing ability of a frost bar.

One of the most important things to consider when you are purchasing a frost guard is the size of the wind shield. Although cars are built using specific standards, there are certain creative permissions that can lead to changes in the generalized measurements. In order to prevent a size mishap, make sure you measure the size of your windshield and compare it with the size of the frost guard you will get. Another very important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the material used in the making of the frost guard. It should be durable and preferably waterproof.

What size frost guard is the best?

To prevent getting a frost guard that is too big, a smaller size can do the job as well. However, it will not sit as perfectly as the one gotten after comparing the right measurements. Depending on your flexibility, if the strap system fits right, a slightly smaller guard can be used. But it will never be hundred percent coverage. So, the best option is to get a frost guard that is specifically formulated for your car’s type.

How many kinds of frost guards are available in the stores?

There are different kinds of frost guards available in the market. A signature and sport frost guard- wider flaps and security panels, and a pro type frost guard- a different fastening system, making it unique and easier to store due to the smaller size. However, sport frost guards have integrated mirrors included, which makes it a beneficial plus point.

What should be avoided when you are buying a frost guard?

It is necessary that the frost guard stays intact at all times, providing the right coverage. If it doesn’t, there is a lack in the making. Moreover, two important aspects need to be kept in mind, especially if you are buying the frost guard for a medium to large sized car.

  1. The cover should lay flat on the mirror, and in order to do so, you need to look for covers that have tight straps.
  2. Cheap frost guards are usually thick and bulky, although they do not really provide any extra or better protection. Instead the opposite happens, and they are difficult to adjust and strap to the windshield.


When buying a frost guard, make sure that you go through all the key requirements that should be considered before doing so. There are many tips that will enable you to pick the right product for your vehicle and prevent your investment from going into vain. For a good quality frost guard will last you a long time.

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