Best Car Waxes (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

Getting your car to look new for long requires doing a proper wax job on it frequently. There are ideally two basic options when it comes to waxes: Carnauba and Synthetic Paint Sealants. Carnauba  are referred to as so because of their main ingredient; the Carnauba wax that comes from the Brazilian Tree of life. Synthetic paint sealants, on the other hand, have nothing natural about them having been made of polymers.


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Both Carnauba waxes and paint sealants products have pros and cons. However, a good car wax or paint sealant should serve the purposes of protecting your car paint, extending the life of the paint job and protecting your car’s surface from harsh weather conditions giving it an excellent finish.

To help you know about the best brands of waxes and sealants for your car care, below are detailed reviews of the best car wax. These ten products were selected based on their performance and have a range of different main features. We have also researched and provided for you a comprehensive guide to buying the best wax.

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 Best Waxes Guide


Main Considerations

Age of Your Car

The older your car is, the higher the investment you will have to put into waxing it to get the best results. For younger cars whose finishing is still good, a simple spray wax can get the job done efficiently.

For vehicles that have been used for a long time and may have embedded grime or the finishing has already begun to oxidise considering a wax product with cleaning features is best. A car wax with cleaning features will help fix the damage done, restore your finish and maintain it.

Percentage of Plastic in Your Car

Specific car wax brands are known to stain on plastic body panels, bumpers and door trim. Once any of these surfaces are stained, it may require professional skills to clean them or purchasing a commercially available plastic cleaner to clean them yourself.

If you have not perfected your waxing skills and your vehicle has a considerable amount of plastic consider purchasing wax products that do not stain to save you from incurring extra cleaning costs. Most new-age cars have a lot of plastic surfaces.


Car waxing is not a one-time affair. Depending on the wax used you may be required to wax your vehicle an average of two times a month. While looking at the various products to purchase the price should be a key consideration depending on the depth of your pockets.

Best waxes are not necessarily the most expensive though for waxes that contain carnauba the carnauba wax ratio tends to be directly proportional to the cost of wax. The more you spend, the higher the ratio of the carnauba wax in the product.

Consider purchasing products that come in large amounts in one buy because this will be affordable in the long run so that you can avoid always making a purchase whenever you want to wax your car.

Best Car Wax Detailed Reviews

The P21s Concours Carnauba Wax ranks above average in reviews and is considered among the best of best. The wax has a soft buttery texture that makes applying it on vehicles very easy and smooth.

P21s Concours Carnauba

The P21s Carnauba Wax is known for its unique capability not to stain other plastic or rubber parts of the car, ensuring a flawless shine. It is recommended for dark-coloured vehicles because when applied intensely it produces an excellent premium gloss finish and deep shine for your car. When buffing the P21s Concours wax does not leave any powdery residue behind and water easily slides off.

Though you might have to pay an extra penny for the P21s Concours Carnauba, your car will appreciate the treat to this professional wax. The wax is expected to last your vehicle a good number of months as claimed by the manufacturer. The 6.2 Oz box of the P21s is enough for a several sessions.

The Opt Optimum is considered the best multi-purpose wax for any automotive because it can be applied to all exterior surfaces whether they are made of glass, chrome, plastic trim or paint. One of its main features includes the capability to protect your car paint from damage by UV sunlight rays because it features UVB and UVA absorbers in its composition.

Opt Optimum Wax

For application, the Opt Optimum  wax has simplified the process. You only need to spray the wax onto your surface then spread it out using a microfiber towel for best results. This will result in an outstanding slickness and clear gloss. The wax dries off and sticks quickly taking an average of 15 minutes only and should serve your surfaces for no less than five months according to the manufacturer.

The Opt Optimum  Wax is among the best eco-friendly brands as rated on various forums and user  reviews. It does not contain any environmentally harmful chemicals or pollutants. It also does not include abrasives or cleaners in its composition thus assuring that you need not worry about scratches on your surfaces.

We rank it as the best eco-friendly wax because it is eco-friendly and contains no pollutants, no harmful chemicals, no ammonia and no alcohol.

Wash Wax Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit

The Waterless Car Wash Wax is a wash and wax in one that enables you to clean your vehicle without scratching it and wax it at the same time. It is biodegradable and human- friendly not to irritate your skin when it comes into contact. These notable main features have made the product a favorite among users.

Waterless Car Wash Wax kit, though an all natural wax, is outstanding in its performance. After waxing it leaves your vehicle surface with an anti-static non-stick UV protective coating to prevent damage from harsh weather conditions. The wax is suitable for use on both interior and exterior surfaces of your automotive. It is easily applicable and when buffed gives your vehicle a deep shine.

The Waterless Car Wash Wax comes in a 144 Oz bottle that is enough for several waxing sessions for your car before it gets depleted.[/su_note]

The Finish Kare Big White Wax paste provides slickness, hardness and high gloss when applied to your vehicle’s surface. The wax is easy to apply; you don’t load it onto the foam applicator but instead spread it in a circular motion on the surface using the foam applicator. For the wax to dry off, it only requires an average of 15 minutes after which you should buff the surface with a clean microfiber towel to achieve the final gloss.

Finish Kare Big White 1000p Hi-Temp Paste Wax

Finish Kare 1000p Hi-Temp Paste Wax stands out for its main ability to offer a long-wearing, ultra heat-resistant protective coating to your vehicle’s paint thanks to its German-inspired synthetic formula. It protects your car under high temperatures up to even 250 degrees. It also provides heavy-duty resistance against tree sap, acid rain, UV rays, hard water and other contaminants.

Among reviews, the Finish Kare 1000p Hi-Temp Paste Wax ranks highly because of its durability as one of its main features in comparison to other synthetic and carnauba in the market. The wax is suitable for metal surfaces, gel coats and all automotive paint surfaces.

The Meguiar Company is re-known for its quality products and the G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax does not fall short. The Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax is a synthetic sealant that works to provide a mirror-like shine to the paint of your automotive when applied. Sunny conditions should not hinder you from applying the wax; its results will not be tampered with even if applied under a full sun.

Meguiars G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax

The technology used to create the wax ensures it establishes a cross-linking barrier on your car paint to not only give it the ultimate shine but also to protect it against waterworks. Water just beads off the car paint when it comes into contact with the sealant.

The Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax offers protection to your vehicle for at least six months without the need for re-application. This protection, in turn, extends the durability of your car significantly. For all the above mentioned valuable main features, the Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax is affordably priced.

The full package of the Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax kit includes an applicator pad and microfiber towel for buffing to start you off on waxing your car.

The Meguiar’s Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0 presents itself as an affordable, high-quality and easy-to-apply wax. It is considered the best car wax for a DIY purpose. It can be applied using the conventional applicator pad or a rotary buffer.  When thoroughly applied the wax leaves your automotive with a deep wet-looking shine. It does not leave behind any powdery residue as well.

Meguiar Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0

The creation of the Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0 by the Meguiar Company employs the hydrophobic polymer technology that gives the sealant a beading-off effect. This effect ensures that any water that comes into contact with the waxed surface will just slide off. Though majorly a DIY wax the Meguiar’s Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0 is also found in detailing shops mainly because of the glossy finish it provides as well as how it can be easily applied or removed.

The Meguiar’s Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0 though has excellent features, also has a few notable shortcomings.  The wax causes stains on exterior trim surfaces so caution should be practised when applying it over the plastic surfaces of the car. The Meguiar’s Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0 is also not as durable as others and sealants available in the market.[/su_note]

The affordable Mother’s Reflection wax works by giving your car paint an almost wet look that is glossier than its original shade of colour. The wax is easy to apply to surfaces; this can be done by using your hand or an orbital buffer. Mother’s Reflection wax employs the latest liquid polymer technology to bond itself to your paint creating a dramatic shine but still protecting it from harsh weather elements.

Mothers Reflection Wax

Mother’s Reflection Wax is characterised by its main feature to wax on and wax off easily. It is, therefore, best for waxing your car on a temporary basis. It gives a clean wet look finish to last you for a short period and will not be cumbersome when it is time to take it off. The Mother’s Reflection Wax composition also includes mild cleaners that make it possible to take off any residue from previous waxes or sealants as you apply your new coat.

The wax works well to protect your car paint from damage under normal weather conditions but wears quicker under extreme temperatures and may not serve you for the time that you anticipated. Caution should be applied when waxing surfaces adjacent to any automotive trims because Mother’s Reflection Wax can sometimes stain on such surfaces.

Mother’s California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid provides a smooth finish for your vehicle’s surface to protect it from harsh weather conditions, dust and grime to prolong its durability. The California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax is non-abrasive giving the assurance that it will not cause scratches on your paint when applied to your automotive surfaces and it can often be re-used.

Mothers California Gold Pure

The Mother’s California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid is suitable for applying on all car paint surfaces as well as clear coats. The wax dries off very fast after application to be ready for buffing. For its affordable price, the California Gold Pure Brazilian Wax Liquid is a quality product that gives a long-lasting shine to your car because it contains heat-resistant carnauba wax.

For you to get the best results from using the California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid, you are advised to pair it with other waxing products from the Mother’s company. The various waxing and waxing related products from Mother’s Company tend to blend well with each other to give outstanding results.

It might be very affordably priced. Thus you may think it is not a good  wax, but the Turtle Wax Carnauba T-5A   is an extremely high-quality product that ranks above average in a good number of reviews, hence why it made it to our list of top waxes.

Turtle Wax Carnauba

The Turtle Wax T-5A, being carnauba enriched, provides a water-repellent and durable surface for your vehicle after being applied. The wax also prevents pollutants and dirt from damaging the vehicle’s exterior. It not only shines your vehicle surfaces but also cleans them.

The Turtle Wax Carnauba T-5A also offers protection of your car paint from UV rays that may be too harsh and could cause damage to your car’s surface, therefore turtle is best for hot climates. The wax is suitable for use on clear coats and standard finishes, it, however, should not be used on wood vinyl or flat paint.

The Turtle Wax Carnauba T-5A, though easy to apply may become a challenge to remove thus employing professional skills to get it removed will ensure you do not end up scratching your paint while doing it yourself.

Liquid Glass Lg-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/ Finish

It is a synthetic sealant. However, it gets the job done perfectly. We recommend it because of its unbeatable main features that are discussed below.

The polish works by simply applying it onto the vehicle’s paint then wiping it off. Once applied well and deep the sealant leaves your vehicle with a glossy finish and mirror-like shine. Unlike most waxes that can’t be used in the hot sun, the Liquid Glass Polish bonds more quickly when applied under such conditions and gives better results.

Liquid Glass Lg-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish


The Liquid Glass Polish does not crack, chip or change to appear yellowish when it starts to wear out as most car waxes do. The sealant can last on your car for averagely seven months but can continue even up to 12 months if you apply it more often. The shine provided by the wax gets better after every application. The Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Finish containing no wax makes it safe to be used on most vehicle finishes.

It is not us only who see The Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish as the best; the product ranks highly among other user reviews. For its superb features, the Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish is also affordably priced in comparison to most waxes available in the market.

If you are in a hurry make sure to buy Liquid glass 100. This is best of the best and we proudly stand behind it. Get Liquid glass 100 Here

Main Features

Every product has different ingredients and claims to achieve different goals from the manufacturer’s review. Specific wax brands are better suited for dark-coloured cars while others work better on light coloured vehicles. Some notable main features to look out for when shopping for a car wax product include:

Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

One of the most significant enemies to car paint is the sun. It causes wearing out very fast thus finding a car wax or sealant product to protect your car paint will enhance your vehicle’s durability and save you unnecessary costs of many paint jobs.

Water Beading Capability

This is feature make water just slide off your car paint after waxing it. This protection goes a long way in preserving your vehicle’s paint by preventing oxidation. If your car paint slides off frequently this is bestwax for you.

Easy Wax on and Wax Off

A car wax or sealant should be easy to apply as well as easy to remove to avoid scratches and damages on your car paint.


The endpoint of buying the best car wax is to put it on your vehicle. It will not be the best if it gives you a hard time in applying it.  A few car wax brands include a user manual in their product kits which are very helpful in understanding how to use the wax. When considering what wax to buy, avoid those that:

  • Clamps up when applying, making it hard to rub into to your vehicle’s surface.
  • Leaves streaks on your vehicle after removal especially for dark coloured cars.
  • Comes off easily to avoid scratching your paint

You should also consider Wax brand products that package their waxes with waxing tools such as applicator foams and microfiber towels to start you off on your task.


How long do you want the wax on your car to last? Are you waxing for just an occasion? Or is it only temporarily until you decide on selling your vehicle?

If you want to wax your car for a short time like a week only or just for a special occasion, a spray wax will be the best option for you.

If you want to wax your vehicle temporarily for a short period, consider purchasing a car wax that will easily wax off without causing damage.

If you want a product to last you a lifetime consider brands that claim to be durable and also suit all your vehicle’s needs to save you from constantly changing brands.

Type of Wax

As you shop for your car wax brand, the following information on types of waxes can be helpful

Spray Waxes

They are the best for new cars with excellent finishing. They are very easy to use and the best for spot waxing. They, however, are the least durable type of wax compared to paste and liquid waxes.

Paste Waxes

They are easy to apply to surfaces for as long as they are smooth and butter-like. They require the right amount of rubbing into the surface to give the best shine. You, however, have to be quick when waxing; paste waxes can dry to a haze in as less as 30 seconds.

Liquid Waxes

From consumers views, liquid waxes tend to be the most challenging type of wax to apply evenly and buff out. They dry to a haze in averagely a minute. Liquid waxes are considered the most durable amongst the wax types and may contain cleaning ingredients.


For a first-time car owner, you should first learn how to wax a car properly from either a friend, a relative or even your mechanic before waxing your car yourself.

Ensure you wash your car thoroughly before applying wax. Though a number brands claim that the results will not be altered if applied under the hot sun, it is advisable to apply wax under a shade. Waxing is a time-consuming and tiring activity. It should be done slowly in no hurry to achieve the best results.

Build your confidence by keeping your car in tiptop shape. Wax it frequently at least every three to four months using the best car wax that suits it to have an ever-lasting shine.

We hope you find your suitable wax from the list of waxes we mentioned above.



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